Bayer Facts: April 30, 2008

First chart is Moreno Valley median sales prices from DataQuick for March, June, September and December from the year 2000 to 2008 (March) – showing the rapid increase in median prices and the current decline. Prices have gone down in 1-year by zip code: 92551: 35.5% 92553: 49.3% 92555:  37.4% 92557:  36.8%

Next chart is the total number of home sales for March 2000 to March 2008 – showing the rise and decline in the number of sales.

DataQuick reports for all of California March 2008 reported the lowest number of home sales for a March since they started keeping records in 1988.  And 38.4% of the homes sold in the State in March were foreclosed homes.



Next chart is the number of foreclosures for each of the Moreno Valley zip codes for the first quarter of 2007 and the first quarter of 2008 – showing the huge jump up.


For the first quarter of 2008 – Stockton, California had the highest rate of homes in the foreclosure process at 1 house out of 30 – in second place is Riverside / San Bernardino Counties – with 1 house out of 38 affected.  For the 4 zip codes in Moreno Valley here is the following:

Zip code 92551 1 house out of 43 is in foreclosure – ranking 11 in the Southern California area

Zip code 92553 1 house out of 69 is in foreclosure – ranking 25 in the Southern California area

Zip code 92555 1 house out of 36 is in foreclosure – ranking 7 in the Southern California area

Zip code 92557 1 house out of 75 is in foreclosure – ranking 30 in the Southern California area

And there are 498 zip codes in the sample

This chart is for a 3 week period of single family homes in Moreno Valley by Notices of Default (the first step in the foreclosure process); number of new listings and the number of those new listings that are vacant; the number of pending sales and the number of those pending sales that were vacant; and the number of closed sales and the number of those that sold vacant.  43% of the new listings are priced under: $200,000.  The average list price of the pending sales was: $215,163 and the average price of the sold homes was: $233,896.  With the average home sold over 1900 square feet in size.


Final chart is the median price per square foot for the closed sales / closed sales (vacant) / list prices of the pending sales and list prices of the pending sales the sold vacant.  Noting the pending are going out for less and there is a slight discount between prices of occupied homes and vacant homes.


Until we see more sales then new listings and new notices of default – and more pending sales actually closing escrow – prices will not be able to start moving upward.  And the bigger the desperation of the sellers will probably result in a continued decline in home prices.  Prices now are down to the levels from the summer of 2003, and a decline of about 47% from the top of the market from the Summer of 2006.

From Beverly A. Bayer, SRA

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